Winters Hill - 122cm x 54cm

Made from spalti, glass and slate.


Tipsie Daisies - 20cm x 20cm

These pieces were made for a British Association of Modern Mosaic (BAMM) exhibition of mosaics constructed from recycled materials entitled "Say it with Flowers". Made from gin and sherry bottles, I have intentionally not hidden the origin of the glass by including a bottle lid and the embossed branding on the glass.

The first Daisy is set in resin and to add further interest I have included ball bearings from an old bicycle and jewels from a broken necklace.

On the second daisy the glass is paper-mache’d on the reverse with press releases about Great Britain winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics.

Consumerism Void 2 - 80cm x 110cm

It amazes me how people have turned shopping into a hobby, spending hours every week traipsing around shops or surfing the internet, drooling over designer brands with astronomic prices. Do these goods really fulfil all they promise to the eager purchaser?

This is the second of three mosaics inspired by shoppers and the designer goods they aspire to.

Based on the geometric logo of a top designer brand and are made from vitreous glass tiles cut into 10m squares. The materials of the main surface were chosen to achieve a decadent and opulent finish. At the bottom of the mosaic the surface breaks away to reveal the “void” - a second more primal mosaic made from slate, porcelain and glass .

Torn Daisies - 42cm x 42cm each



"Plenty more Fish" Series - 54cm x 54cm / 54cm x 28cm

Plenty more Fish In The Sea         Swimming Against The Tide     Plenty More Fish In The Sea???

A comment on environmental destruction and that sometimes we have to be prepared to be different to make a difference.


Molten Sunset - Series Of Three 37cm x 36cm each 


This is the view from my studio in the Peloponnese, Greece, on one of those scorching hot days when it feels like rocks could melt…


Consumerism Void - 95cm x 85cm

This is the first of three mosaics inspired by shoppers and the designer goods they aspire to.

The stripes are a loose interpretation of a reoccurring theme used by a top designer brand and are made from vitreous glass tiles cut into 6mm squares. Because of the small pieces and the curved reverse of the tile, the light reflects wonderfully from this part of the mosaic. The “void” uses the angled edge of roofing slates and forms peaks and troughs above and below the surrounding surface, giving the “void” great depth. The slate has a wonderful velvety texture that contrasts well with the reflective glass surrounding it.


Sunflowers For The Garden Wall - Series Of Three 31cm x 31cm each 


A commission for a garden wall, these panels are fully frost and water proof. 

Sunflowers - 64cm x 64cm

The image of the sunflowers was kept as simple as possible to allow the colours and materials to dominate. The petals are made from vitreous glass tiles and stained glass sheets. The flower centres are made them from highly reflective gold veined vitreous glass tiles and mirrored glass, laid in small pieces to give the image a greater depth and to make them shine like the sun.

Kykloi - 75cm x 75cm

Sunflowers - 38cm x 54cm each


Daisies - 42cm x 42cm


 Daisies - 75cm x 75cm


Bindweed Over Slate - 27cm x 58cm


 Self Portrait - 49cm x 89cm

 New York Skyline - 120cm x 76cm

 Roses - 19cm x 37cm

 Hearts - Both 30cm x 33cm


 Olive Tree - 38cm x 38cm