Outdoor Tables

Tables can be commissioned to order and made to any size. This one is 90cm in diameter with a cast iron base and is fully weather hardy.


Indoor Tables

Again made to order. The table style is contemporary and available with a number of different veneer finishes on the legs. Size is 56cm square with a height of 46cm. Colour schemes and patterns can be adjusted to your requirements. The mosaic tops are very durable and hard wearing. Costs start from £180 depending on the colour scheme and intricacy of pattern. Alternatively you can provide a table of your choosing.





Coasters come in sets of four, are 10cm square and have a non slip back.  Costs range from £20 to £40 per set depending on the design. Again colour scheme and pattern can be adjusted as desired.

Heart                                      Olive Leaf                                      Daisy


Taupe Square                                    Wave                                     Red Square


Green Square                        Olive Branch